RCLN Board of Directors

Chair:  Shirley McNamara

Vice-Chair: Lynn Wambolt

Secretary:  Deborah Romain

Treasurer: Shannon Mury

Adult Learner Representative: Juanita MacPhee

Department of Community Services: Kelly Yorke

NS Works/YMCA: Shannon Mury

Cape Breton Partnership: Carly Appleton

                  NS Early Childhood Development: Brandie Pottie

District #1 Sarah Nettleton

District #2 (Petit de Grat) Vacant

District #3 Brandie Pottie

District #4 Shannon Mury

District #5  Deborah Romain

District #6 Vacant

District #7  (River Bourgeois) Dorothy Barnard

District #8  Lynn Wambolt

District #9  (L’Ardoise) Vacant

District #10 Lynn Wambolt

Current RCLN Staff

Network Coordinator: Lisa Berthier

ALP Instructors: Gwen Smith

      Lynn Boudreau

Work Options Coordinator: Cindy Maltby Samson

Family Literacy Coordinator: Sharon McGrath

Bookkeeper: Shelley David

Administrative Assistant: Julie Freeman

Richmond County Literacy Network Arichat St. Peters

Our Mission

The Richmond County Literacy Network promotes and supports lifelong learning in Richmond County, Nova Scotia, by providing effective program and service delivery through the maximization of existing resources, collaborative partnerships, and advocacy.

Our Vision

The Richmond County Literacy Network – a reputable, valued, sustainable, and community-centred organization – offers equitable, flexible, and multi-faceted opportunities for lifelong learning, helping people achieve their potential.


This vision provides the RCLN with a general direction for its work over the next five years.


Areas of Emphasis

In order to achieve its vision for 2023 while fulfilling its mission and staying true to its values, the RCLN will focus its resources and energy in the following areas:

  1. Programs and Services
  2. Partnerships
  3. Sustainability
  4. Marketing and Communications
  5. Physical Presence / Infrastructure