New Opportunities for Women (NOW)

New Opportunities for Women (NOW)
October 12, 2021 – February 1, 2022 (Tuesdays)
Rather than having an employment focus, NOW is a fifteen-week program for women focusing primarily on personal development, empowerment, and essential skills training. It is offered one day/week (Tuesdays), utilizing journaling, digital literacy training, and personal development materials. Certification in WHMIS, Food Safety, and Emergency First Aid/CPR Level C & AED may be provided based on interest, course availability, and funding.
Besides a completion certificate, the program participants will be gifted the assigned Chromebooks at the end of program based on 80% participation. Daily lunch will also be provided making for a enjoyable day out with positive results!
Tentative Program Schedule:
Day 1 Orientation, Introduction to Chromebooks, Goal Setting
Day 2 Introduction to Bullet Journaling, Google Accounts, Time
Day 3 Journaling, Digital Literacy, Self-Care, Stress Management
Day 4 Journaling, Digital Literacy, Self-Esteem, Self Confidence
Day 5 Digital Literacy, Attitude and Accountability
Day 6 Digital Literacy, Adaptability
Day 7 Digital Literacy, Personality Dimensions
Day 8 Mental Health, Body Positivity, Safe Relationships
Day 9 Teamwork
Day 10 Emergency First Aid/CPR Level C & AED
Day 11 Digital Literacy/WHMIS, Financial Literacy
Day 12 Dress for Success
Day 13 Food Safety Certification Workshop
Day 14 Healthy Eating on a Budget, Meal Planning
Day 15 Meal Preparation, Closing Ceremony
For more information or to register, please call the Richmond County Literacy Network at (902) 226-0383 or e-mail