Family Literacy

A parent is a child's first and most important teacher. Reading aloud to a child is the single most important factor in raising a child who loves to read and reading is basic to learning.

Family literacy occurs when there is sharing between all family members, young and old. By sharing stories and reading aloud to young children, parents and/or grandparents can provide a precious gift that gives in return. Not only will they be helping to develop the child's love of reading and experiencing the child's love, respect and appreciation but they will be reaping the benefits of improving or refreshing their own literacy skills at the same time.

In partnership with the Strait Regional Centre for Education and with funding through the Family Learning Initiative Endowment Fund, the RCLN delivers weekly family literacy events or book-nics (picnics with books) at the local elementary schools. Each of the weekly book-nics are approximately two hours in duration with refreshments provided. Participants are primarily preschool children and their parents or caregivers, with extended family members, particularly grandparents, also invited to attend. Everyone is involved in the learning activities, including the reading of books, sharing of stories, crafts, play and songs. A "tickle trunk" is also available for the children to choose a free gift each week to take home for further enjoyment and learning.